Does your site generate real leads for products by providing useful and entertaining content that consumers enjoy? That is the primary question we ask every Publisher that expresses interest in having their traffic sales managed by the Etology team ofexperts. To be eligible to sell your traffic through our award winning platform we carefully inspect your site, analyze important metrics to determine consumer trust and the real potential your clicks have as possible customers for our Advertisers.

We apply that same level of vigilance on the Advertiser side of the equation and maintain a well-known inventory of ad buyers who provide clean creatives that enhance the user experience of your site and fit the feel your traffic expects seamlessly. Your site is too valuable to be experimenting with strangers, dealing with potential ‘malvertising’ obstacles or having to work around the challenges of selling and reselling your ad space. Take the easy way out with Etology and put our experience to use as a key element of the equation. When you contact us, you will be connected with an industry veteran who understands things from the Publisher perspective!

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Etology ads can be placed in a variety of formats or sizes to suit your specific campaign. Below are listings of some of the more popular formats used in the past, but we also specialize in custom ad creation so if you have an idea to draw attention that isn’t already listed, contact us and let’s start working together to bring it to life.

Display Banners

Traditional Banners that come in may sizes: 300×250, 468×60, 728×90, 250×250, 120×600, 160×600 or 315×300

In-Video Ads

300×250 or 468×60 ads inside the video player can be customized preroll, postroll, pause-roll or in-stream.

Customizable Text Tab Ads

Text Tab Ads are a very cost effective and efficient way to find consumers who are already interested in your product.

Customizable Text Ads

Text Ads are a very cost effective and efficient way to find consumers who are already interested enough in your product to read the advertorial content before clicking through to your offer.


Popunders appear behind the main browser window. A full 1024×768 page triggered whenever a user clicks on the page they are visiting.

Instant Message

Instant Messaging chat box ads display a 250×150 chat window at the bottom right of the page that links through to your content when clicked.


Mobile Ads can be created in nearly the same was as desktop ads for most of the ad types mentioned above with different ad sizes to fit the various device screen sizes being targeted.

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